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Waking the Sleeping Giant to be Released Spring 2019

Nounou Mountain 'The Sleeping Giant' Photo by Kathryn Balyszak


Final layout, design, and edits are currently underway to launch Waking the Sleeping Giant in Spring 2019.

In the second book of the series, Emma Prince Kaua'i Mysteries, Emma’s island idyll on the north shore of Kaua‘i is once again turned upside down with the discovery of a centuries-old grudge lineage marking the Prince family for destruction. The discovery coincides with the strange, unexplained illumination of Nounou Mountain, known as The Sleeping Giant, unearthing an ancient legend about a mythological Giant waking after an eternity to protect Kaua‘i.

The book title is taken from Nounou Mountain, more commonly known on the island as 'The Sleeping Giant'. The mountain, a popular hike on the island, rises in the Nounou Forest Reserve, west of Wailua and Kapa‘a on the east side of the Kaua‘i.

According to Hawaiian legend, the Giant volunteered to construct a heiau, an ancient structure used for religious purposes. When the project was completed, a celebration was held to honor him and after eating too much, the Giant fell asleep and has not awakened since. However, it is an additional legend tied to the Giant which sparked my interest for the book which contends that if warriors threatened to invade Kaua‘i, the people would light fires behind the Sleeping Giant to illuminate his profile and frighten them away.

Photography for the book cover is by my daughter, Katie. When I was unable to find any suitable photos in our own collection, or from other sources, it took only a phone call asking if she could take some pictures on her next trip to Lihue. As it turns out, one of the better locations to do that is at the carwash between Kapa‘a and Wailua, which is where she went to take a number of photographs—and to get her RAV4 washed.

Next, came the ‘magic’, working with web designer, Doug Amey, to produce the cover for the book, which took my hoped-for image of an illuminated Giant to reality.

The Giant is waking…


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